Building A Better Kings Mountain Together.

Better Government. Better Growth. Better Roads, Schools, and Parks. Better Jobs and Opportunities. And A Better Business District.

Who Are We And What Is Our Mission

Mountaineers For A Better Community is a nonpartisan group founded to engage the community through education and transparency to promote a forward looking vision for the future of our community.

Engage The Community.

We aim to foster conversations with the community about our collective future – what it holds and how we get there. We will always prioritize transparency, accountability, and engagement when it comes to City Government.

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Educate The Community.

We aim to add knowledgeable voices to important conversations – to ensure that ALL citizens are involved and educated when it comes to important issues facing our City.

Create Change Together.

We aim to create change – for the better. This comes from engagement and education, but also collective action towards a forward looking vision for Kings Mountain.

What We Are About…

Better Government.

Restoring the trust that has been lost in local government; establishing transparency; creating accountability; and maintaining an open line of communication between our local officials and the citizens, businesses, and organizations they represent.

Better Growth.

Advocating for policies that foster distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place and create a range of housing opportunities that meet the moment, while encouraging SMART growth and making development decisions predicatable, fair, and with an eye towards community and stakeholder collaboration. Promoting policies that maintain our unique small town feel while preparing – and actively planning – for the future.

A Better Business District.

Fostering communication, collaboration and partnership with the individuals and business owners who are investing their time, energy, and money into improving our business community. Promoting investment in our business districts without undue government red tape.

Better Roads, Schools, and Parks.

Identifying opportunities for improvement in the cornerstones of our community, and ensuring that proper investments are made and care is taken to make those improvements. Fixing our roads; improving our schools; and upgrading our parks – all while planning and preparing for the future.

Better Jobs and Opportunities.

Bringing Kings Mountain into the 21st Century and beyond, and ensuring that every parent of every child who grows up in KM has every opportunity available to help their family succeed. And creating generational opportunities for those children, so they will want to return to Kings Mountain and continue their stories here.

Better Government/Business Collaboration.

Identifying opportunities to remove the red tape and empower our local business community to make the investments and decisions they need to thrive, create jobs, and create economic opportunity here.

Aligning These Policies And Visions To Create A Better Kings Mountain …. Together.